Have you heard of Saccharum officinarum before? It’s better known as sugarcane, AKA the sustainable and ethical feedstock for all our ingredients. Our powerful yeast fermentation platform transforms sugarcane into sustainable Neossance™ Squalane and Hemisqualane.

Neossance Squalane is a more stable form of our bodies’ natural moisturizer, squalene, providing superior hydration and anti-aging benefits compared to other emollients. It is better for our planet than traditional squalane extracted from shark liver or impure and inconsistent olive oil-derived squalane.

Neossance Hemisqualane is the answer to growing consumer concerns about silicone’s effects on hair health. Unlike silicones, Hemisqualane penetrates the hair shaft for maximum nourishment and protection. It offers exceptional sensory and functional performance for color cosmetics, skincare, and antiperspirants.

Both Neossance Squalane and Hemisqualane are the best-performing sustainable solutions to common industry ingredients like shark-derived squalane and petrochemical-derived silicone. The New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists (NYSCC) highlighted Neossance Hemisqualane’s ability to replace silicones. Both Neossance ingredients offer completely ethical and sustainable supply chains, certified by Bonsucro. Below, you will find a handful of formulations featuring these ingredients across cosmetic categories.

Innovations Featuring Sugarcane-Derived Ingredients

Our Neossance Squalane and Hemisqualane are made via fermentation of Bonscuro-certified renewable sugarcane. Each formulation incorporating these ingredients is backed by the same strong sustainability story from Bonsucro. Your next product innovation just got that much cleaner.

1. Body Crème (APBC001)

This lightweight cream provides deep hydration with 7.5% Neossance Squalane, the microbiome-friendly sugarcane-derived emollient. It moisturizes, smooths, instantly hydrates, firms, and brightens skin.

2. Bi-Phase Foundation (38-LFD-201B)

The best-performing natural silicone replacement, Neossance Hemisqualane, supports all-day wear with even coverage. 30% Neossance Hemisqualane creates exceptional silicone-free sensory and functional performance.

3. Featherweight Hair Oil (APHS151)

The answer to growing consumer concerns about silicone’s impact on hair health. The Featherweight Hair Oil features 80% Neossance Hemisqualane and 20% Neossance Squalane to penetrate the hair shaft for maximum nourishment and frizz fighting.

4. Everyday SPF 40 Cream (APCS133)

The safer non-whitening broad-UV mineral protection without petrochemicals or silicones. 25% CleanScreen™ Z60SF provides SPF 40 protection in this lightweight cream format without a white cast.

5. Shimmering Aroma Bar (APSS099)

The packaging-fighting breakthrough for consumers seeking solid applications. The Shimmering Aroma Bar features 99% SimplySolid™, streamlining the formulation process for a glowy, moisturizing body bar.

6. Eye and Cheek Paint (APSS086B)

The perfect addition to any makeup routine, the Eye and Cheek Paint features 95% SimplySolid to create an elegant cream-to-powder finish. SimplySolid provides excellent spreadability, while reducing wasteful packaging.

Sugarcane on green background for sustainable clean beauty ingredients

The Future of Clean Beauty Is Here

Each of our prototypes demonstrates how versatile and effective clean beauty ingredients can be. To request a sample prototype, please fill out this form, and a team member will connect with you shortly. These prototypes will inspire you as the starting point for your next best launch. Now, your next product launch can have it all: sustainability, ethical sourcing, and high performance. It’s all thanks to Saccharum officinarum.


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