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  • Woman applying creme

    Top 7 Resources to Become an Earth Day Hero

    Grow Your Earth Day Knowledge with These Sustainable Clean Beauty Resources Clean beauty is a direct response to consumers' demands for brand transparency, accountability, and sustainability, while still developing products that are efficacious. Earth Day reminds us that there is always a [...]

  • Green background for Earth Day with sugarcane on top

    Earth Day 2021

    Integrating Environmental, Social, and Economic Priorities with Clean Beauty Earth Day is an important reminder to think critically about every step in product development, starting with the ingredient sourcing supply chain. Is there a way to be more sustainable? How can the [...]

  • Sugarcane plant on a brown colored background with glassware

    Why Sugarcane Is Your Clean Beauty Hero

    There’s No Need to Sacrifice Performance for Sustainability Anymore As consumer demographics become increasingly more aware and critical of ingredient lists, beauty brands must be able to meet their demands with accountability, sustainability, and performance. Gone are the days when consumers believe [...]

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