• Sugarcane-derived squalane minimizes the demand for shark-derived squalane

    How Neossance Squalane Helps Ecosystems by Saving Sharks

    Protecting Marine Ecosystems Starts at the Top of the Food Web. Humans hunt and harvest 100 million sharks each year for industries such as beauty, food and pharmaceuticals, according to researchers at Dalhousie University. Shark Awareness Day and Shark Week are not [...]

  • Woman applying SPF

    Navigating the SPF World with Clean Sunscreens

    Conversations with Dr. Harry Sarkas of Soléscence The landscape of safe, effective sunscreens is challenging and rapidly evolving with strict regulatory guidelines and demands for sheer formulations. On June 8, 2021, Aprinnova invited Dr. Harry Sarkas, Chief Scientific Officer at Solésence, to [...]

  • Sustainable Takeaways from Cosmetics Business Live 2021

    Innovations from By-Product Beauty to Circular Product Lifecycles to Sustainable Packaging Cosmetics Business Live offered one of the most thorough, informative, and exciting online events of the season. Each speaker presented on the latest trends and developments in the cosmetics and personal [...]

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