• Our Inaugural International Squalane Day

    Why We're Celebrating Squalane on Oct. 14 International Squalane Day was created in partnership with Amyris to celebrate the planet-positive change bio-fermentation has brought to the world. We believe sustainability starts from the source: renewable sugarcane. Here are some key messages about [...]

  • What Is Hemisqualane: A Quick Guide to Sustainable Emollients

    How the Best-Performing Natural Silicone Replacement Stacks Up [A version of this article was published earlier on Amyris, our joint venture partner.]For decades, the personal care industry had relied on silicone simply because a better option didn’t exist. Silicones are not biodegradable — they [...]

  • Safer Sunscreens: How to Formulate White Cast-Free and Benzene-Free SPF

    Get the Benefits of Organic UV Filters with the Safety of Inorganic Today’s beauty consumers prioritize the safety of their ingredients. It’s led to the rise in ingredient safety websites like EWG, Think Dirty, CosDNA, and more. In 2020, EWG reported their [...]

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