Grow Your Earth Day Knowledge with These Sustainable Clean Beauty Resources

Clean beauty is a direct response to consumers’ demands for brand transparency, accountability, and sustainability, while still developing products that are efficacious. Earth Day reminds us that there is always a new way to innovate, to become greener, and to formulate more sustainably. Here are seven resources from Aprinnova and beyond to help boost your knowledge of clean beauty:

  1. Meet Neossance™ Squalane: Neossance Squalane is the top emollient to help formulators succeed in this new era of Clean Beauty for nearly every category—skincare, haircare, color cosmetics, CBD products, hand health and more. Read more about the skin benefits Squalane has.
  2. Meet Neossance Hemisqualane: Neossance Hemisqualane is the complete, natural, and sustainable alternative to silicones (like D5 cyclomethicone) that delivers equivalent or improved performance at a better cost than other natural alternatives. Read more about the cosmetics benefits Hemisqualane has.
  3. Meet SimplySolid™: SimplySolid blends Squalane and Hemisqualane in a proprietary polymer system, offering the same skin benefits of Squalane and Hemisqualane in a solid form. Read more about how SimplySolid changes the future of packaging.
  4. How to Select Circular Ingredients: In this online event with Cosmetics & Toiletries, you’ll gain a clear understanding of what the circular economy means for beauty, circular formulation strategies for color cosmetics and skincare, why and how your brand can join this mega trend, and what matters most to consumers. We’ll discuss the latest trends around circular packaging and ingredients, strategies for communicating claims to consumers, and a model for circular clean beauty.
  5. The Microbiome Checklist: During this webinar with Global Cosmetics Industry, you will learn everything about the microbiome from market size and opportunities to insights on brand and product positioning to how to support microbiome-friendly claims. Learn more about how current technologies have enabled formulations that support the microbiome.
  6. Clean Beauty Formulation Guide: Our Clean Beauty kit showcases the versatility of Neossance Squalane and Hemisqualane to help every brand “Go Clean” across any SKU in any category. In this guide, you will find formulations for products like foundation, body creme, and more.
  7. Beauty Renaissance Series: In this three-part series with two live installments, you will learn about ethical and sustainable supply chains, microbiome-friendly innovations, and circular suncare. Register to watch the on-demand and live episodes.
Earth Day banner post with green background and clean sugarcane

Aprinnova believes in delivering world-class, nontoxic cosmetic ingredients using sustainable technology. Every brand has a different journey to clean beauty—some start from the get-go, others transition to clean beauty over time. This Earth Day, we hope that you are able to find the right resources to help you along your path. When you’d like to try our Neossance Squalane or any of our other ingredients derived from Bonsucro-certified sugarcane, feel free to contact us.

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