Over 200 top cosmetic formulators, R&D experts, influencers, and the Aprinnova executive team joined together to celebrate The Future of Clean, an evening promoting a global standard for clean beauty around values like performance, sustainability, transparency, and safety.

The Millennial Consumer and a Clean Beauty Framework

John Melo, CEO of Amyris, outlined the key characteristics of the next generation consumer: they are connected, authentic, sustainable, and committed. They also represent one fourth of the global population according to UNFPA, and global millennial spending power will overtake all other generations by 2020 according the World Data Lab 2019. Most importantly, the millennial consumers champions, regardless of region, a common set of values that form the backbone for a global clean beauty framework: performance, sustainability, transparency, and safety. These pillars are the basis for any ingredient strategy for new products and, as the world population grows, bio fermentation offers the most sustainable, effective, and reliable manufacturing platform to deliver genuine clean beauty.

John Melo, CEO of Amyris, outlines a global clean beauty framework

The Experts Weighed in on Clean Beauty

Ken Cook (EWG), Vivienne Rudd (Mintel), Frederique Lafosse (Givaudan) and Caroline Hadfield (Aprinnova) participated in an expert panel discussing the groundswell in consumer demand for clean beauty and critical industry insights about how formulators and R&D experts can respond to this demand. Caroline Hadfield discussed the importance of meeting the millennial consumer where they are by offering non-toxic, safe, effective, and sustainable products, drawing from experience in direct to consumer brand building as Founder of Biossance, as well as President of Aprinnova which delivers industry-wide clean ingredient solutions. Ken Cook outlined the groundswell in consumer ingredient awareness while Vivienne Rudd provided global trend perspectives around consumer desires for trustworthy products. Frederique Lafosse provided perspectives on clean ingredient solutions, such as BisaboLife, which is manufactured using a process based on fermentation derived from plant sugars.

The Clean Beauty Expert Panel discusses critical consumer and industry trends

Thousands of Consumers Joined Us from Around the World

An inspiring line-up of beauty bloggers, lifestyle experts, and online leaders live-streamed the evening and engaged their global communities representing over 3 million followers. Throughout the night, real-time commentary from consumers about clean beauty was projected on screens and promoted online. You can see all posts by following @TheFutureofClean on instagram, and the #TheFutureOfClean hashtag

“What does ‘Clean Beauty’ mean to you? This evening I’m attending ‘The Future of Clean’ event in Paris where I will be learning more about sustainability and transparency in the beauty industry”

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“Love from Paris, discovering more about clean beauty with Aprinnova

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