Technical Review: Why Hemisqualane is the D5 Replacement Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

Finding the complete and natural replacement for D5 is more important than ever. Request our technical poster and learn about our strategic solution.

Why Hydrogenated Farnesene Delivers

On December 11-12th in New York, Aprinnova presented the technical poster “Hydrogenated Farnesene: A Natural Alternative to Cyclomethicone” and met with industry leaders to discuss silicone-free consumer trends, the EC restriction on D4 and D5, and formulation solutions. Request our report below for more details.

What’s included:

  • Property comparison with D5
  • Sensorial profile comparison
  • Makeup removal ability
  • Prototype formulations for cleansing oil, SPF and foundation
  • Sustainability profile
  • Haircare performance profile
  • And more…
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