There’s No Need to Sacrifice Performance for Sustainability Anymore

As consumer demographics become increasingly more aware and critical of ingredient lists, beauty brands must be able to meet their demands with accountability, sustainability, and performance. Gone are the days when consumers believe a brand’s claims at face value with no further investigation. The ease of ingredient list research – thanks to websites such as EWG’s Skin Deep and our collective reliance on mobile phones – has thrust clean beauty into the spotlight for beauty aficionados around the world.

Sugarcane is a hardy crop

One way that brands can offer the most competitive clean beauty products is through formulating with sugarcane-derived Neossance™ Squalane. Sugarcane is the largest agricultural plant by biomass in the world; you can find it growing in over 100 countries where it quickly recovers after harvest. That means the Earth has tons of it readily available continuously, and it requires little to no irrigation for cultivation. Neossance Squalane is made from a fermentation process with the sugarcane juice, while sugarcane bagasse (the pulp) is used to fuel other processes like electrical cogeneration.

Brown background with sugarcane and sustainable clean beauty from sugarcane

Bonsucro certification promotes ethical and sustainable sugarcane production

Aprinnova believes that creating the best ingredients starts with the best raw materials; Bonsucro is helping achieve that goal. Bonsucro is a non-profit organization that works to ensure sugarcane production, processing, and trade are all sustainable throughout the entire supply chain. For over 15 years, Bonsucro has been certifying sugarcane for its 250 members in over 50 countries. They certify 72M tons of sugarcane annually, and they comply with ISEAL’s Codes of Good Practice. This level of scrutiny creates a production standard and a completely documented chain of custody. Together, this reduces greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption, while also increasing the safety for all employees in the supply chain.

Sustainability and performance via Squalane

Neossance Squalane starts out as a clean ingredient right from the sowing of the first sugarcane seed, but does it deliver sustainability and performance? Neossance Squalane has been clinically proven to improve skin with every application. It increases skin firmness and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. After 28 days of a twice daily Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil regimen, women reported a smoothing effect on their fine lines and crow’s feet. Neossance Squalane also increases cell renewal by 34%, and it reduces roughness by 28%. Not only does it produce great benefits for the actual skin cells, but it is also highly supportive to the skin’s microbiome. It increases microbial diversity and maintains the stability of the microbiome. Together, this soothes irritated skin and establishes a healthy, balanced state.

The benefits of Squalane are numerous, but the combination of sustainability and efficacy of Neossance Squalane allows brands to tap into a new source of clean, conscious consumers. While consumers may know the skin benefits of Squalane, many are becoming informed about the back story of the ingredient – does it come from sharks? Increasingly environmentally conscious consumers want to know that their products are cruelty-free, that they do not harm the environment, and that they support the growers’ communities.

Neossance Squalane offers a powerfully moisturizing ingredient that is mindfully sourced from renewable sugarcane that does not require irrigation. It conforms to the ISO16128 standard of naturality, and Bonsucro certification ensures sustainability claims are traceable from the farmer to the end user. With this predictable supply chain, Neossance Squalane will always be available when needed, at a stable price. That’s the future of clean.


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