Sugarcane-Derived Squalane Delivers Unbeatable Performance in Sun Protection

Zinc oxide is the optimal UV filter: it is generally regarded as safe and effective (GRASE) by the FDA, has complete UVA and UVB protection, and is non-nano. However, zinc oxide dispersions have presented challenges in the past such as leaving a white cast or providing variable SPF protection from uneven dispersion. The latest CleanScreen Z60SF evenly disperses non-nano zinc oxide using a completely new, efficient system. This resolves these challenges with an excellent sensorial experience and no white cast. Formulators can use CleanScreen Z60SF in virtually any application — from moisturizers to CC creams to lip balms. CleanScreen Z60SF also responds to consumer demands for safe and effective sun protection, sustainability, and reef safety. But what is the secret ingredient powering this innovation? The answer is Neossance™ Squalane. Here’s how Neossance Squalane provides the game-changing, sheer, and lightweight performance that can help make beauty more inclusive.

Neossance Squalane Helps Increase SPF and Reduce Whitening

Good mineral sunscreens require hero ingredients to solve particle size challenges. Contrary to popular belief, zinc oxide’s primary sun protective effect is through light absorption, although it also reflects some light. Reflection of light can lead to simultaneously increased SPF and white cast. The key to resolving this is a goldilocks UV dispersion design: selecting the right non-nano particle size that will neither clump nor spread too far apart. Distance ensures base particles do not aggregate into a single scattering center, which ultimately increases white cast and decreases SPF. However, too much spacing reduces sun protection. CleanScreen’s system offers the ideal particle size with efficient dispersion using a combination of simple but powerful ingredients: silica, an emulsifier, and a hero carrier oil: Neossance Squalane. Neossance Squalane carries these particles without a heavy, greasy feel, giving an excellent sensorial experience without whitening.

Neossance Squalane Creates Consumer-Inclusive, Clean SPF

CleanScreen’s Squalane-centric design makes mineral sunscreens more accessible to people with darker skin tones who have historically been left out because of white cast concerns. For example, 61 percent of Black individuals in the U.S. said they never wear sunscreen in large part because many mineral sunscreens are not clear or sheer. Widespread availability of sun protective products that delight consumers can increase use and help prevent skin cancer.

Inclusive sunscreen should be the norm. Sixty percent of U.K. suncare users agree that there should be more sun protection products for people with different skin tones. It is an absolute priority for brands to demonstrate the accessibility and usability of SPF products on a variety of skin tones to shield consumers from UV damage. CleanScreen Z60SF disperses mineral particles evenly to create a uniform, sheer mineral suncare product for a diverse consumer base.

Adding invisible mineral UV protection to a variety of applications like primers, foundations, and highlighters meets consumer demand for multifunctional applications. Forty-two percent of women aged 18+ who normally use makeup products wish their makeup products could also benefit their skin.

Neossance Squalane not only supports sheer SPF distribution, but it also brings various skin therapy benefits. It increases skin moisturization, repairs the skin barrier , reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, delivers up to 40X more CBD faster than other oils, and supports a healthy skin microbiome. CleanScreen Z60SF — powered by Neossance Squalane — offers the moisturization benefits consumers want, while directly addressing the microbiome trend.

Supporting the microbiome through clean suncare establishes a foothold in a burgeoning space in the SPF market. According to Givaudan, 52 percent of women believe “it is beneficial to use cosmetic products to take care of the skin microbiota,” up from 22 percent in 2018. However, in the Americas, only one percent of new suncare launches have a probiotic or prebiotic claim, pointing to a large opportunity for growth. Because CleanScreen Z60SF uses a Neossance Squalane-based carrier system, SPF products with CleanScreen Z60SF can reap the benefits of microbiome-friendly Neossance Squalane.

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Neossance Squalane Enables a More Sustainable Future

Consumers demand brands account for sustainability in each of the ingredients they source. In Spain, fifty-one percent of adults would be willing to buy beauty and personal care products made exclusively with lab-grown ingredients if they are better for the planet. The market is responding to these eco-conscious consumer demands. In the Americas, sustainability claims on new product launches jumped from 5 percent in 2017 to 27 percent in 2020. Similarly, environmentally friendly claims have increased from 13 percent in 2017 to 26 percent in 2020. Brands must think holistically about their ingredients’ entire lifecycles to win today’s consumers.

Neossance Squalane is derived from renewable and sustainable sugarcane. The sugarcane used to produce Neossance Squalane is certified by Bonsucro’s chain of custody standard. This certification ensures a sustainable and ethical supply chain that brands are able to speak to. Highlighting the transparency behind each ingredient chosen is an important pillar of clean beauty and is one of the contributing factors consumers look for.

Start Protecting Consumers with SPF in Every New Launch

The suncare industry is moving towards a mineral-based product as the norm, pushed both by consumers and the FDA’s proposed monograph. As minerals become more widespread, brands must differentiate themselves by offering sheer, sustainable sunscreens that rival the appearance of chemical sunscreens. Formulating with CleanScreen Z60SF enables brands to speak to each of these claims with a sustainable, non-whitening zinc oxide-based sunscreen.

Request a sample of the best performing, most sustainable mineral UV dispersion to see how Neossance Squalane raises the bar on clean suncare.


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