Why Neossance Squalane Supports a Healthy Microbiome

Each person has a unique network of trillions of microbes living in and on our bodies known as the microbiome.The human microbiome consists of microbes that are both helpful and potentially harmful. If there is a disturbance in that balance, dysbiosis occurs, causing the body to become more susceptible to disease.​ On the other hand, a diverse and balanced skin microbiome can support skin health. Formulators can use Neossance™ Squalane in skin and body care products to give consumers the benefits they look for most – healthy and younger-looking skin – because it supports a healthy microbiome. Clinical studies demonstrate Neossance Squalane:

  • Supports a healthy skin microbiome

  • Increases microbiome diversity

  • Does not disrupt microbiome stability

  • Leads to healthier, more nourished and younger looking skin

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“Skin age can be determined by an individual’s skin microbiome rather than chronological age and that younger skin can be achieved by a healthy and well-balanced skin microbiome.”

Source: Kim et at. 2019, Scientific Reports volume 9, Article number: 16748 (2019) , www.nature.com/articles/s41598-019-53266-3​

The Microbiome Should Be Diverse

A “diverse” microbiome means you have a variety of bacterial types and not too many of one type. It also means that the various types of bacteria in your natural community are in proportion to each other. An increase in diversity of bacteria, without adding bad bacteria, leads to more nourished and younger looking skin​.

Increase in bacterial diversity at 14 days

According to clinical studies consistent application of Neossance Squalane increased microbiome diversity. Contact Aprinnova for more information.

The Microbiome Should Be Stable

The microbiome is home to many types of bacteria. Significant fluctuation in one type of bacteria, or genus, make your skin susceptible to gaining harmful bacteria. This is why the stability of the microbiome through time is a characteristic of healthy skin. A microbiome-friendly ingredient should not lead to significant change in the bacteria community composition for normal skin.


According to clinical studies, across time points, no sign of instability is observed in the composition of the microbes through product usage, and no introduction of bad bacteria after consistent application of Neossance Squalane. Contact Aprinnova for more information.


Support the Microbiome with Your Next Launch

Sugarcane-derived Neossance squalane is natural, sustainable, and always available. Offer healthy skin care with healthy ingredients today.

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