A Toast to Squalane: Our Sustainable Sugarcane-Derived Hero Ingredient

What do sugarcane and Squalane have in common? As it turns out, it’s more than just our patented bio-fermentation, powered by sugarcane. Beginning this year, October 14 is both International Squalane Day and National Real Sugar Day — a celebration of the possibilities sustainable sugarcane can bring to beauty.

International Squalane Day was created in partnership with Amyris to celebrate the planet-positive change bio-fermentation has brought to the world. It coincides with National Real Sugar Day, which celebrates those who harvest sugar crops. We believe it is essential to understand where all ingredients are sourced. Through Bonsucro, we have certified our entire sugarcane supply chain to be ethical and sustainable. This guarantees we can celebrate both our sugarcane harvesters and our sustainable Squalane on October 14.

In this article, you’ll learn why Neossance™ Squalane merits a day of celebration, as well as what new ways Neossance Squalane can improve your next product launch.

Celebrating Remarkable Sustainability from the Source

Sugarcane sourcing is just one way Neossance Squalane creates a more sustainable future. Sugarcane rapidly renews itself and grows irrigation-free in coastal Brazil, far from the rainforests. To ensure the most rigorous ethical and sustainability standards, Bonsucro maintains a chain of custody for the sugarcane supply chain.

Bio-fermentation takes it one step further. Through this bio-designed process, sugarcane-derived Squalane is able to achieve high purity, high performance, consistent quality, and steady supply.

Sugarcane field with a sunrise in the background

Neossance Squalane also improves the use of limited resources. Compared to olive-derived Squalane, sugarcane-derived Squalane:

  • Reduces land usage by 585X
  • Conserves 52X more water
  • Decreases carbon emissions

Our patented bio-fermentation platform was designed to produce Squalane as efficiently as possible with the least amount of resources. This spirit of conservation is what we celebrate on International Squalane Day.

Celebrating Remarkable Results with Neossance Squalane

The sustainability data represents only one reason so many brands around the world select Neossance Squalane. In fact, 9 of the top 10 beauty manufacturers around the world choose sugarcane-derived Squalane for their products’ emollient. Our customers applaud Neossance Squalane for its proven results beyond moisturization:

  • Decreases wrinkles by 51%
  • Increases cell renewal by 34%
  • Improves active delivery by up to 40X

In recent studies, Neossance Squalane results in up to 40X better penetration of CBD (cannabidiol) into an EpiSkin model, compared to jojoba oil, sunflower oil, caprylic/capric triglyceride (CCT), and hemp seed oil.

Neossance Squalane delivers cannabinoids more effectively in skin

Not only will sugarcane-derived Squalane improve the moisturization and anti-aging profile of your product, but it also has the ability to enhance your delivery of actives like CBD. As increasingly more consumers explore the cannabinoid space for soothing and restoring skin, Neossance Squalane presents itself as the prime delivery platform.

Celebrate with Neossance Squalane

On International Squalane Day and National Real Sugar Day, take the opportunity to celebrate the sustainability strides the world has made. Not only is sugarcane harvesting becoming more ethical and sustainable, but we have also created sustainable ingredients with proven benefits data.

Sugarcane-derived Squalane can offer a wealth of benefits beyond a traditional emollient, ranging from anti-aging claims to improved active delivery. Celebrate International Squalane Day with your next successful high-performance product — or at least with a nice sugarcane-based beverage!

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