• SimplySolid is the hydrating, solid skincare breakthrough to reduce wasteful packaging
  • SimplySolid increases moisturization of solid skincare and has an excellent sensorial benefit
  • Technical details on SimplySolid
  • Technical details on SimplySolid


The hydrating, solid skincare breakthrough to reduce wasteful packaging.

SimplySolid™ is the transformative ingredient featuring Neossance™ Squalane and Hemisqualane that accelerates hydrating, solid skincare application development. Solid products reduce wasteful packaging to create a planet-positive skincare solution.

Transforming the Beauty Industry

As consumers become increasingly conscious of their purchases’ environmental impacts, they’re searching for easy swaps. Solid skincare is the simple substitute: less packaging, less water weight in shipping, less dilution of ingredients.

A main concern consumers have with solid products is missing the sensorial experience of a cream. Lotions and creams are refreshing, soothing, and restorative. Thanks to a high percentage of sustainable, sugarcane-derived Neossance Squalane and Hemisqualane, SimplySolid has a uniquely soothing sensorial profile. In third-party testing, participants noted the superb sensorial nature. With SimplySolid, solid beauty products are now thriving across a variety of clean beauty categories:

  • Skincare: One of the fastest way to go waterless for beauty routine staple formulations in bars, balms, and creams.
  • Color Cosmetics: An easy base to effortlessly formulate a cheeky blush, blendable highlighter, or tinted lip balm.
SimplySolid performs well in consumer tests: skin hydration and ease of use of solid skincare bars

The Aprinnova Advantage

The patented technology behind our bio-fermentation manufacturing process ensures we maximize our efficiency while minimizing our waste. It’s how we make our clinically proven, high-performance ingredients without compromising the environment.

Go Net-Positive for the Planet:

  • Our rapidly renewing sugarcane feedstock grows irrigation-free in coastal Brazil
  • Any bio-fermentation waste product is thoughtfully repurposed:
    • 60% of the water is recycled
    • Spent yeast are applied as fertilizer
    • Bagasse (sugarcane pulp) creates steam power for bio-fermentation and the local power grid.

Sugarcane bio-fermentation creates an impressively sustainable solution for emollients. Instead of the energy-intensive process of silicon dioxide (SiO2) conversion for silicone or harsh, water-intensive squalane harvesting from olive, we’ve designed a bio-fermentation process to make Neossance™ Squalane and Hemisqualane from renewable sugarcane. Bonsucro, a World Wildlife Fund-founded NGO, certifies fair treatment and wages for all along our sugarcane supply chain.

Aprinnova: the trusted sustainable beauty ingredient manufacturer

Standards and Certifications

Aprinnova's clean beauty ingredients are vegan
Aprinnova's clean beauty ingredients are Kosher
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