Successfully launching a new clean beauty product or line that is safe, sustainable, and transparent may seem like a daunting task: it requires a careful analysis of the product lifecycle from ingredient selection to packaging to supply chain management. Thankfully, following common clean strategies can set new product development on the right path. Aprinnova has launched The Clean Beauty Visionary Experience, an augmented reality report outlining 8 clean strategies, to help brands identify strategies for launching clean beauty innovations. This first-of-a kind report is also featured in the The Future of Clean Kit, which puts these strategies into practice with formulation prototypes made from high performance and sustainable clean ingredients like Neossance™ Squalane, Hemisqualane, and SimplySolid.™

Bring Clean Strategies to Life

Augmented Reality (AR) apps have been used to bring wine bottles to life, visualize environmental conservation, or view home furnishing in your kitchen using smartphones. Now, you can bring clean beauty strategies to life with the CleanCam AR App. Each page of the Clean Beauty Visionary Experience can be scanned with a smartphone camera, and inspiring animations and narration will uncover new ideas for clean beauty.

To get started, download the Clean Beauty Visionary Experience report on a computer and the CleanCam AR App on an iPhone or Android smartphone. The CleanCam AR App is available in English, French, and Spanish.

See and Feel the Clean Ingredients Powering Innovative Applications

Sugarcane-powered beauty powers each product in Aprinnova’s limited-edition Future of Clean Kits. The Future of Clean Kit contains formulation prototypes made with Neossance Squalane and Hemisqualane, as well as SimplySolid, CleanScreen™, and Biosilica™ in skincare innovations, haircare products, color cosmetics, solid skincare, and many more. Aprinnova’s Knowledge Base contains each of the detailed formulations to catalyze brands’ new product launches.

Feel the difference that high performance, clean ingredients make in skincare, color cosmetics, and more. Neossance Squalane is Aprinnova’s weightless emollient that offers optimal playtime and absorption. It can be found in a range of products from skincare to color cosmetics to hand sanitizers to boost moisturization, improve cell turnover, and brighten skin. Neossance Hemisqualane is the naturally derived, sustainable alternative to cyclomethicone with applications in skincare, haircare, suncare, makeup removal, and color cosmetics. It is the hero ingredient behind inclusive, powerful haircare brands like JVN Hair.

Future of Clean Beauty Prototype Kit

Register for a chance to receive one of Aprinnova’s limited-edition Future of Clean Kits, packed with clean beauty prototypes. Be sure to share the experience with Aprinnova on social media: LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube!


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