Planet-Positive from the Start

Expert scientist holding up vial of fermentation product intermediate in laboratory

Our scientists started Aprinnova with one mission: do good by people and the planet. Aprinnova helps beauty brands transition to superior-performing ingredients that are safer for consumers, sustainable, and ethically sourced.

The journey to sustainable ingredients started in a lab in Silicon Valley. In partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and UC Berkeley scientists, we created a bio-fermentation-based manufacturing process to make anti-malarial drugs more affordable.

Together, we developed a manufacturing process for Artemisinic Acid using sugarcane bio-fermentation at a significantly lower cost and higher volume than traditional extraction from wormwood, resulting in over 120 million treatments being delivered. In 2008, Amyris licensed its Artemisinic Acid yeast strain royalty-free.

Reimagining Mother Nature’s Science

Sugarcane on green background for sustainable clean beauty ingredients

Bio-fermentation is a trusted process around for millennia. It’s the natural method by which wine and bread are made. In addition to life-saving, cost-effective malaria treatments, bio-fermentation has revolutionized the bio-space: cost-effective insulin, sustainable fuel sources, animal-free meats, and more. At Aprinnova, we’ve adapted this powerful technology to create the world’s leading sustainable ingredients for clean beauty.

We’ve rewritten what’s possible in the beauty ingredient manufacturer space. Instead of traditional feedstocks of unsustainable rare plant, animal, or petroleum, we’ve opted for sustainable and ethically sourced sugarcane. It’s certified by Bonsucro, a third-party NGO started by the World Wildlife Fund. Our sugarcane bio-fermentation process uses this sugarcane to make an abundance of pure, high-performance ingredients. We can now make the rare into the abundant. We can create high performance without compromising on the planet. Bio-fermentation is the way forward.

Bio-Fermentation Transforming the Beauty Industry

Sugarcane with various pigment cosmetics on a blue background

Today, our patented sugarcane bio-fermentation powers our innovative ingredients.

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