New Leadership to Bring Clean Ingredients to All of Beauty.

Amyris has recently named Mike Rytokoski as President of Aprinnova to accelerate the expansion of clean beauty around the globe. Rytokoski carries over 30 years of international business experience, having led and grown businesses like Dove, Ponds, Axe, Rexona, and Burt’s Bees in Europe, Asia, North America, and South America.

Clean Beauty without Compromise

Rytokoski brings a vision of enabling more brands to formulate with clean beauty. Aprinnova’s ingredients allow brands — clean or not, small or big — to produce efficacious products without sacrificing the environment. Consumers see the value in clean beauty not only for the sustainability aspects but also for the results backed by data. Rytokoski’s expertise will guide brands to transform and adapt to the consumer-driven demand for clean beauty as it becomes all of beauty.

Aprinnova simplifies the transition for all beauty brands to become clean. At Aprinnova, developing more sustainable beauty ingredients with the highest level of product performance is at the forefront of every decision. Clean beauty should come with no compromises. To achieve this, each ingredient upholds the key tenets of clean beauty: sustainability, safety, transparency, and performance. Clean beauty can transform wasteful manufacturing into sustainable production; it can convert linear lifecycles into circular beauty. That is The Beauty Renaissance. Clean, circular beauty is not a trend or a fad — it is backed by science, it is certified, and it is what consumers are increasingly looking for.

Scientific display with sugarcane and cosmetic formulations

Rytokoski is passionate about powerful clean beauty hero ingredients like Aprinnova’s Neossance Squalane. It offers superior moisturizing properties, cell renewal, reduction of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and industry-leading CBD delivery. Above all, Neossance Squalane is produced sustainably from sugarcane instead of traditional shark liver oil or volatile olive feedstocks.

“Clean Beauty isn’t just about green chemistry and formulations. It also encompasses sourcing and takes the perspective of the entire lifecycle,” said Rytokoski. “All of our current ingredients are derived from Brazilian sugarcane using Amyris’ proprietary yeast-based fermentation technology. Sugarcane grows quickly and does not require irrigation, making it the ideal feedstock for sustainable processes. Our sugarcane is certified by Bonsucro for ethical, sustainable farming practices. This certification provides a crucial layer of transparency to both the beauty brands and end consumers.”

Achieving a Clean Future Together

Aprinnova is dedicated to continuing steadfast support for each brand’s transition to clean beauty. This includes global efforts ranging from supporting up-and-coming brands in China to established brands making the clean transition in North America. Aprinnova will deliver to meet each brand’s individual needs. Clean beauty takes many different forms and applications like skincare, haircare, color cosmetics, suncare, and beyond. Aprinnova’s ingredients are able to improve each and every application area. Through educational series, regular updates on market trends, and new clinical studies, Aprinnova stays committed to partnering with each beauty brand to cultivate clean beauty globally. Rytokoski’s extensive experience in the consumer goods industry will propel Aprinnova into the future of clean.

Seize the Moment of Clean Beauty

Rytokoski is excited to contribute to the clean beauty movement, particularly in supporting brands with new ingredients in the pipeline. Brands have the opportunity to critically assess each process, ingredient, and formula they use. Consumers support brands that authentically embody sustainability and transparency throughout their supply chain. Satisfy climate-conscious consumers by formulating with Aprinnova’s portfolio of clean beauty ingredients. No matter the application, Aprinnova can improve sensorial aspects, therapeutic benefits, or brands’ claims. Clean beauty has never been simpler to achieve.

To join Aprinnova’s mission to empower brands with clean beauty globally, request a sample or send an email on our Contact Us page.

About Mike Rytokoski

Mike Rytokoski has over 30 years of international business experience from beauty care to automotive. Prior to Aprinnova, Rytokoski served as Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer for Goodyear based in Brussels. Previously, he led Goodyear’s passenger vehicle and SUV tire business in Asia Pacific based in Shanghai driving significant growth in both B2C and B2B areas.

Rytokoski has also worked in a number of general management roles at The Clorox Company, where his portfolio included market-leading bleach and household cleaning brands in addition to Burt’s Bees natural beauty care products. He started his career at Unilever working in marketing roles of increasing responsibility in the beauty care category across Europe and Latin America. Rytokoski holds an MBA from Helsinki School of Economics and has completed executive programs at Harvard and Wharton Business Schools. He serves on the board of directors of Secapp, a Finnish SaaS company.


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