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Neossance Squalane

Our weightless emollient offers optimal playtime and absorption loved by formulators and consumers alike. Neossance™ Squalane is the top natural and sustainable plant-derived emollient for skincare, haircare, color cosmetics, CBD products, hand sanitizers and more. It increases moisturization and supports barrier repair, reduces the appearance of wrinkles & fine lines, is certified microbiome-friendly, and delivers more CBD faster than other oils.

Benefits and Features

Elevate products with the top moisturizer that offers multiple benefits

  • Unlimited supply

  • Stable price

  • High purity

  • Rapid absorption

  • Soothes and softens skin

  • Improve skin firmness

  • Brightens skin

  • Naturally derived & sustainable

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Increases Skin Firmness

  • Firming characterized by decrease in the surface, volume, and depth of skin deformation


Protocol: Clinical study performed on a panel of 40 women (age range: 37-60). Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil used twice a day, for 28 days. See appendix for more info.
Study performed with Primos Lite ®


Reduces Fine Lines

Results showed smoothing effect and reduction in appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on crow’s feet. The reduction was characterized by decrease in the average roughness, relief, and amplitude.


Improves Skin Smoothness

Study shows transepidermal water loss reduced by 18% and enhanced skin-lipid barrier.

Average % Reduction in Skin Roughness (Visioscan)

You No Longer Have to Choose Between Performance and Sustainability

Our team works with formulators and R&D leaders throughout the year to meet technical needs and requirements using our Squalane and Hemisqualane.

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