Consumers Are Looking for Products That Support Their Microbiome

Consumers are hearing about the wealth of health benefits associated with a healthy microbiome including infant health, bodyweight, and various conditions like diabetes and allergies. 47 percent of U.S. women aged 18–44 already take oral probiotics for general wellbeing. Consumers know about the benefits of probiotics and have begun to explore its use in clean skincare. With all this buzz around the gut microbiome, consumers are asking, “If your internal microbiome needs support, shouldn’t your external microbiome as well?”

Leveraging the Gut-Skin Axis for Clean Beauty

The skincare market is responding to this trend, especially as younger consumers understand the general benefits of probiotics and prebiotics. For example, in Europe, prebiotic and probiotic claims on new beauty and personal care products grew significantly over the past three years. In 2020, probiotic claims grew 52 percent compared to just 8 percent in 2018. Similarly, prebiotic claims grew 52 percent in 2020 compared to 7 percent year on year in 2018. Brands like Symbiome, Dr. Elsa Jungman, Mother Dirt, and Dr. Jart are seeing the rewards of incorporating the gut-skin axis in their product positioning. Byrdie has already called the skin microbiome “the next big thing.”

Combining a microbiome-centric approach with clean beauty can be an innovative path for new product success. According to Mintel’s GNPD, in 2020, the number of new product launches around “sustainable,” “eco package,” and “recycling” increased by almost 50 percent on average compared to 4 years prior. Consumers care about making the world a better place, particularly from an environmental perspective. When you formulate with the microbiome and sustainability in mind, it checks off multiple boxes that consumers are looking for in new clean beauty products. Consumers look for products that have ever-increasing benefits for their skin without damaging the environment. They want brands that are constantly re-assessing themselves and creating even more sustainable options.

The Beauty Renaissance at the Intersection of Microbiome and Sustainability

The second episode of the Beauty Renaissance will provide insights about this convergence. During the live webinar, attendees will hear about new trends in the microbiome beauty space, get inspired for new product launches, learn why Neossance™ Squalane is microbiome-friendly, and strategize how this can help improve the success of their next product launch.

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