The beauty and personal care industry is finally reckoning with the lack of diversity and inclusion in both management composition and product offerings. Industry challenges, such as “Pull Up or Shut Up” from Uoma Beauty’s Founder and CEO Sharon Chuter, have promoted the need to address the lack of BIPOC corporate leadership. Many companies have introduced diversity, equity, and inclusion trainings and have worked to increase diversity. New brands like Fenty, which launched with 40 foundations for all skin tones, influenced the market to become more diverse through the “fenty effect.

Haircare is going through a similar shift. The lack of diverse haircare offerings is reminiscent of color cosmetics pre-Fenty Beauty. Within this context, R&D teams have an opportunity to make an impact behind the scenes during their product design phase. NPD teams must look at a variety of factors to develop the highest quality haircare for all hair types. Different hair types represent individual needs like hair thickness, texture, volume, porosity, or curl patterns. Choosing the right ingredients is critical to address this challenge and JVN Hair offers a case study on how selecting hero ingredients can make a big impact for more inclusive haircare.

Hero Haircare Ingredients 101

Hero ingredients offer multiple benefits backed by scientific studies, can be used across categories and applications, and are always available. Heroes respond to consumer cries for streamlined routines and multifunctional products by helping formulators pare down INCI lists without sacrificing performance. Heroes are also sustainable and work well with other “sidekick”  active ingredients.  JVN Hair highlights Neossance™ Hemisqualane as its hero ingredient and the underpinning technology to support multifaceted haircare directly catering to diverse hair types.

The Most Versatile Silicone-Free Ingredient for Haircare: Neossance Hemisqualane

Why is Neossance™ Hemisqualane a hero? Hemisqualane may be known as the best natural, most sustainable replacement for silicones in personal care and cosmetics with equivalent or better performance and sensory properties in color cosmetics, makeup removal, and suncare. Neossance Hemisqualane is also a gamechanger for haircare: it strengthens formulations offering frizz reduction, increased combability, damage reduction, advanced color retention, and strengthened thermal protection. No matter the hair type, each of these benefits are welcome.

Two Ways Neossance Hemisqualane Promotes the Utmost Inclusivity for JVN Hair

JVN Hair has received mass media coverage from Allure, WWD, InStyle, and many more for its “Come as you are” inclusive branding. Jonathan Van Ness designed JVN hair to accommodate the everyday person who is not a haircare expert. To that end, each product is designed to be multi-functional to avoid the “product graveyard.” Consumers are quick to learn more about the ingredients, particularly clean Neossance Hemisqualane that provides the backbone of each product in the line.  Here are two ways Neossance Hemisqualane unites JVN Hair with its consumers:

1.      Leveraging The Powerful Versatility of Neossance Hemisqualane

Neossance Hemisqualane’s assortment of benefits enables JVN Hair to cater its products to customer needs. Neossance Hemisqualane offers staple benefits in haircare like damage reduction and conditioning. For example, the Embody Shampoo and Conditioner offer extreme volume, bounce, and shine plus essential moisturization. The Complete Air Dry Cream is a soft styling cream that adds buildable, touchable hold to highlight each person’s natural texture without sacrificing performance. The broad range of stylers, treatments, shampoos, and conditioners rely upon the benefits Neossance Hemisqualane imparts in multiple applications for every hair type.

2.      Telling the Strongest Story around Sustainability

JVN Hair offers inclusive performance without sacrificing the planet. Hemisqualane is derived from Bonsucro-certified sugarcane as its sustainable feedstock, ensuring traceability of sustainability claims along the entire supply chain from farmer to end user. Not only does this mean that Neossance Hemisqualane is made from a highly renewable source of sugarcane, but it uses sugarcane that promotes thriving local communities. JVN Hair is able to easily speak to the clean and sustainable nature of their line, powered by sustainable sourcing. Neossance Hemisqualane embodies each element of a hero ingredient: sustainability, numerous benefits, and stable supply.

Connect Consumers with the Best Ingredients, Starting with Neossance Hemisqualane

R&D teams have the chance to make big impacts for inclusive haircare by choosing the right hero ingredients like Neossance Hemisqualane. Get started with a sample of the hero Neossance Hemisqualane: Request a sample.


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