Just as in the food industry, consumers are asking tough questions about what they are putting on/in their hair, skin, and eyes. Cosmetic and personal care products often have long ingredients lists and consumers may find it difficult to pronounce and understand chemicals. Just a quick skim of the top selling moisturizers on Amazon reveals many products with over 40-50 ingredients.

Shorter and simpler ingredients lists seem like a fix to make it easier for consumers to choose cleaner beauty products. But what does “simple” actually mean and does it mean “Clean”? Where is the industry today and what is the baseline number of ingredients customers are actually seeing on their products?

As part of the Future of Clean movement, which is defining a standard for clean beauty, we wanted to take a closer look.

So we analyzed over 100,000 new cosmetics products launched in 2018 from the Mintel GNPD. This included serums, creams, emulsions and dozens of other product types. Want to know the baseline number of ingredients by category?

Take the quiz below to see the results: 

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