Consumers are increasingly looking for science-backed results in their beauty and personal care products. One of the key scientific features consumers seek is supporting the microbiome. The microbiome is particularly relevant for skin and scalp products, used in regions with rich microbiota. How can brands leverage sustainable ingredients for microbiome-friendly products consumers will love? And how can brands be sure that ingredients are truly safe for the microbiome?

The Microbiome Establishes Healthy Skin and Hair

The beauty industry is buzzing with the word “microbiome,” but what does it mean exactly? The human microbiome is a complex structure of microscopic cells from all the domains of life and viruses on the human body. It is thought of as humans’ “last organ.” The skin microbiome has its own physiology and pathology, which merit their own special attention. The skin is largely inhospitable to microbes, as it is exposed to the external environment. Thus, topical treatments like skincare and scalpcare can create a welcoming environment to promote healthy microbiomes. In turn, a healthy microbiome promotes general skin health by preventing pathogenic bacteria from overtaking the population, as well as producing beneficial molecules for skin.

Neossance Hemisqualane Protects the Skin Microbiome

The flexibility of formulation with Neossance Hemisqualane allows easy incorporation into shampoos, conditioners, scalp oils, treatments, and more. The close proximity of these products to the scalp creates a unique opportunity to support the scalp microbiome.

Recently, MyMicrobiome awarded Neossance Hemisqualane a microbiome-friendly status, joining the previously microbiome-friendly certified Neossance Squalane. This status includes testing Neossance Hemisqualane application in four key areas:

  1. Free from contamination
  2. The body’s area-specific bacteria are able to grow unharmed
  3. The variety of microbiome is preserved
  4. The skin balance is not disturbed by the product (i.e., there is no suppression of protective bacteria and no fostering of harmful bacteria)
Sugarcane-derived Neossance Hemisqualane is certified microbiome-friendly by MyMicrobiome

The MyMicrobiome certification erases consumers’ concerns about disrupting their scalp microbiome. Consumers can be reassured that products with Neossance Hemisqualane are promoting the best microbiome possible with their haircare.

Neossance Hemisqualane Is the Haircare Hero Ingredient

Sustainable, sugarcane-derived Neossance Hemisqualane is simply the best-performing natural silicone replacement. Not only does it support a healthy, stable microbiome, but it also performs favorably when compared to traditional ingredients. Unlike silicones, it penetrates the hair shaft for maximum nourishment and protection. Neossance Hemisqualane provides equivalent damage reduction and hair elasticity benefits compared to hydrolyzed keratin-based treatments. Neossance Hemisqualane also protects hair equivalently to silicone fluids: equivalent hair frizz reduction and color retention to dimethicone and equivalent combing ease to amodimethicone. It also offers the same thermal protection ability of the popular styling ingredient, polyquaternium-55. Neossance Hemisqualane is quickly overtaking the industry’s outdated ingredients by offering the same or better benefits using cutting-edge, eco-friendly, and ethical production.

Start at the Root of It All: Scalp Microbiome

Neossance Hemisqualane enables brands to create safe, high-performing, and sustainable haircare products. The new microbiome-friendly certification from MyMicrobiome adds an extra layer of benefits beyond the clinically proven benefits of frizz fighting, damage repair, easy combing, thermal protection, and color retention. Aprinnova helps make sustainability and performance available to all to make clean beauty — and clean haircare — the global standard.


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