It’s the Sustainable Ingredient that Revitalizes the Entire Hair Shaft for Improved Hair Health

Consumers are becoming increasingly more aware and critical of what they are putting into and onto their bodies. They want natural ingredients that are intentionally selected without environmental repercussions. In the U.K., 47 percent of consumers agree that beauty products with an ethical certification are more trustworthy than those without one. Fifty percent of French adults agree it is worth paying more for BPC products made with natural/organic ingredients.

Recently, one ingredient consumers have grown increasingly concerned about using is silicone. Specifically, they are concerned about silicone buildup, poor hair outcomes, and environmental concerns. Brands like Prose and media outlets like Byrdie cover how silicones can produce undesirable hair results. Yet, dimethicone — a common silicone in haircare and skincare — is still used in thousands of products each year.

Jonathan Van Ness’s new haircare line, JVN Hair, pushes the frontiers of clean haircare. It embodies inclusivity of hair types, sustainability for the planet, and high performance of products. There are no silicones or traditional ingredients like D5 or polyquaternium-55, and all packaging is made with post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic or aluminum. Each of JVN Hair’s products is a testament to how Neossance Hemisqualane is the optimal sustainable and naturally derived alternative to silicones for consumers looking for natural clean beauty.

Top 5 Reasons Neossance Hemisqualane Is Perfect for Natural Clean Beauty:

1.      Sustainable and Ethical Supply Chain

Neossance Hemisqualane is derived from ultra-renewable, Bonsucro-certified sugarcane, requiring little to no irrigation. Bonsucro is a global industry platform with a vision of establishing thriving, sustainable producer communities and resilient, sustainable, and ethical supply chains. The waste products of our proprietary sugarcane fermentation process are also used to produce Biosilica™ and to power downstream powerplants. The entire process is renewable and supports circular beauty.

2.      Equivalent Performance to Keratin: Damage Reduction, Elasticity

Sustainable, plant-based ingredients favorably compare to the performance of traditional ingredients like keratin. Consumers know the benefits of hydrolyzed keratin include strengthening hair strands, reducing hair damage, smoothing frizz, increasing elasticity, and rebuilding the protective layer of hair.

Neossance Hemisqualane matches hydrolyzed keratin’s main benefits: damage reduction and hair elasticity. Damage accumulated through bleaching, chemical treatments, heat styling, and more can be reduced by Neossance Hemisqualane’s ability to seal down cuticles. Neossance Hemisqualane also increases the elasticity and elongation of hair as much as hydrolyzed keratin, proving that plant-derived ingredients do not compromise on performance.

3.      Equivalent Performance to Dimethicone: Color Retention, Hair Frizz Reduction

Dimethicone (polydimethylsiloxane, dimethylpolysiloxane, or PDMS) has garnered a lot of press and curiosity over the past five years — Google Trends reports that the interest has increased by almost 8X. The related search queries include “dimethicone hair loss” and “is dimethicone bad for your hair.” Together, these suggest that consumers are concerned about the potential effects dimethicone may have.

Neossance Hemisqualane matches dimethicone’s ability to increase the retention of hair color and frizz reduction. In clinical studies, the sustainable Neossance Hemisqualane conditioner formulas retained the same amount of color after 20 washes. Treatment with either dimethicone or Neossance Hemisqualane also produced the same reduction in frizz. The New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists (NYSCC) supports Neossance Hemisqualane as a superior-performing natural silicone replacement.

4.      Equivalent Performance to Amodimethicone: Combing

Hair manageability is a key concern when thinking of haircare; Neossance Hemisqualane delivers on both wet and dry combing. Amodimethicone is an amine-functionalized silicone traditionally employed to facilitate combing. As more customers demand natural alternatives to silicones, Neossance Hemisqualane can be easily swapped in to produce the same effect on combability with more sustainable sourcing. Learn why the NYSCC highlighted Neossance Hemisqualane.

5.      Equivalent Performance to Polyquaternium-55: Thermal Protection

Polyquaternium-55 is a specific cationic quaternary ammonium often used as a protectant in heat styling to mitigate damage of the hair’s keratin. Similar to silicones, polyquaternium-55 is derived from non-natural sources. Instead of polyquaternium-55, brands can formulate with Neossance Hemisqualane. In clinical studies,   Neossance Hemisqualane demonstrated equivalent thermal protection of α-keratin, the protein responsible for hair strength and structure, between 135°C and 175°C (275°F to 350°F) to polyquaternium-55.

Make the Easy Switch to Sustainable, Clean Haircare

Today, formulating natural clean haircare has a straightforward and simple solution: Neossance Hemisqualane. Not only does Neossance Hemisqualane offer the exact same benefits traditional, non-natural ingredients offer, but it also enables brands to speak to the sustainability and circular aspects of sugarcane. The New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists agree that silicone alternatives, like Neossance Hemisqualane, help develop similar or better functional performance and a better sensorial profile than silicones. Brands like JVN Hair have seized the opportunity that Neossance Hemisqualane enables to produce conscious, clean products for all consumers and all hair types.

Power your next haircare launch with clean, natural Neossance Hemisqualane: Request a sample now.


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