The Future of Clean Report 2021

Expert Insights on the Defining Trends for Sustainable, Safe, Transparent, and High Performance Beauty

The beauty and personal care industry has the opportunity to make more positive impacts worldwide than any other category by embracing clean beauty. Since 2019, Aprinnova has worked to empower brands with the science, technology, and innovation expertise to embrace clean beauty through research and dialogs with influential voices.

The Future of Clean Report outlines the defining conclusions of this effort with trends and insights from conversations with experts from Mintel, Credo, Grove Collaborative, Oceana, EWG, Pipette, Amyris, the Carbon Fund and more. We invite you to explore these topics and discover the key trends to drive the next decade of innovation such as:

  • Empowering transparency
  • Values-driven product development for Gen Z and Millennials
  • Innovations to reduce carbon emissions
  • Clean cannabinoids
  • Clean beauty at home
  • Circular beauty
  • The future of cause marketing
  • New ingredient innovations
Page from future of clean report
Page from future of clean report

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