Four Premium Webcasts to Succeed With Clean Beauty

Free 15 Minutes Webcast Covering:

  • Skin Care

  • Hair Care

  • Color Cosmetics

  • Baby Care


What You’ll Learn

  • Top Millennial Consumer Demands. In order to launch successful new products, you have to understand the philosophy and preferences of the next generation with the largest spending power. We’ll outline a values framework for understanding the next-gen consumer and how to align this framework with new formulations.

  • New Product Ingredient, Silicone-free and Clean Beauty Claims Trends. See where the industry is moving to provide benchmarks for your next product launch. We’ll help you understand the ingredients being used, top claims, price positioning, and packaging solutions from the latest products launched through Q1 2019.

  • New Technical Data Comparing Neossance Squalane to Premium Emollients. Learn how Squalane provides improved benefits in breakout categories like hair care, and demonstrates improved performance compared to other ingredients.

  • New Technical Data Comparing Neossance Hemisqualane to Cyclomethicone. See how Hemisqualane can provide the complete alternative to D5 in color cosmetics, hair care and more

  • New Clean Formulation Spotlight. Formulations with Neossance Squalane and Hemisqualane benefit from high performing and sustainable ingredients with a stable price and supply. By not taking advantage of Neossance, brands are likely spending more for ingredients that don’t align with the consumer’s values, fluctuate in price, or aren’t from renewable sources like sugarcane. We’ll show you how to turn the least performing products into a high performance, sustainable product with the right ingredient approach.

Go From Clean Washing to Clean Impact

Throughout the month of June, formulation and brand leaders from around the world participated in Aprinnova’s Future of Clean Formulation premium webcasts series. The sessions showcase The Future of Clean Beauty Ingredient Framework, new market trends, and technical data to help launch successful and clean formulations. Cosmetic experts also gained access to breakout formulations in hair care, skin care, baby care, and color cosmetics demonstrating how Neossance Squalane and Hemisqualane are a natural and sustainable ways to improve performance compared to traditional ingredients.

The drivers of the Millennial and Gen Z consumer increasingly make a clean beauty ingredient strategy a requirement for new product development. This committed, sustainable, and connected customer knows more about ingredients that touch their skin everyday and they reward sustainable, effective, safe, and transparent companies.

Aprinnova is hosting special events, round tables, and training events as part of the Future of Clean, a global movement to mainstream a global definition of clean beauty. Industry experts and brand leaders can sign up to join and attend free events and trainings throughout 2019.



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