The CBD market is expected to be worth $1.7BN by 2025 and brands are quickly finding opportunities in line with the regulations to take advantage of this expanding segment. Not only are we seeing new brands emerge based on CBD, we’re also seeing established skin and hair care brands expand to include CBD. For example, some established brands like Peter Thomas Roth or Saint Jane are choosing to incorporate CBD into one or two products. Some new emerging brands are demonstrating they can launch an entire line based on CBD across many SKUs like Canuka. Investors also see major opportunities. For instance, recently Lord Jones was acquired for over $300M USD.

So for marketers and formulators looking to launch new CBD products, it is critical to increase your chances of success as the market becomes more crowded. One strategy is to focus on the delivery of CBD to the skin using sustainable and high performance carrier oils.

When choosing an emollient for your next CBD launch, consider the following key factors. A carrier oil should offer multiple skin benefits like moisturization and align with demands for natural and sustainable oils. We now know, based on new research on CBD receptors in the skin, that it should also deliver CBD effectively to the skin.

According to an article in the peer reviewed journal ACS Neuroscience, cannabinoids can support the regulation of epidermal homeostasis, pain and itch sensation, skin inflammation, and skin appendages like hair, nails, and sweat and mammary glands. Cannabinoids can achieve these functional effects because they interact with certain receptors in our dermis and epidermis. These receptorsare naturally occurring because our body produces endocannabinoidsor simply cannabinoids that produced in our body. Any new CBD product needs an efficient way of delivering CBD to where these receptors are in the skin. 

The Cosmos Technical Center oNikkol Chemical conducted a study to explore the skin penetration rate of CBD in NeossanceSqualane vs. Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Oil, MCT, and Hemp Seed Oil into human skin. The study utilized the EpiSkin™ model, an in vitro reconstructed human epidermal skin model  

The study, outlined in Aprinnova’s video webcast, demonstrated that Neossance Squalane delivered between 10 and 40 times more concentrations of CBD to where receptors are in the skin.  

In addition to improving the delivery of CBD, Neossance Squalane also aligns with the top demands of consumers. In a review of the top claims of CBD launches in 2019 from Mintel’s GNPD, Neossance Squalane met 13 top claims such as moisturization, ethical sourcing, anti-aging, free-from, natural, and sustainable.  

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