Product Developers Are Leading the Industry to the Future of Clean

Clean beauty is not a buzzword or a marketing ploy. In reality, it is the future of our industry, reflecting what consumers expect from products. While all products are made of chemicals, not all chemicals meet consumers’ strict demands for performance and sustainability. Below, you’ll find the answer to the candid questions, “What is clean beauty?” and “How do I define clean beauty?”

The Product Developer’s Guide to the Clean Beauty Renaissance” provides three critical answers to help beauty and personal care formulators improve their next product launch. Not only does it cover how to holistically define clean, but it also provides strategies for defining hero ingredients and establishing supply chain transparency. Together, these strategies enable formulators to enter into the clean beauty renaissance wherein all of beauty becomes clean beauty which is the key to consumer success.

Four Key Pillars for Defining Clean Beauty

Consumers search for clean beauty from brands that authentically embody the core principles of clean. Instead of “cleanwashing,” brands should think about implementing sustainability throughout the entire process. According to Mintel, 33 percent of adults aged 18–44 agree that they would be willing to pay more for products that use sustainable ingredients. Roughly a third of those aged 18–24 look for brands that have sustainability strategies in place. When consumers believe that a brand is truly working to make the world a better place through sustainability, they will support the brand. Here are four clean tenets formulators can use to help establish consumer trust from the product brief:

  1. Performance: Ingredients should always be effective, results-driven, beneficial, and of the highest purity.
  2. Sustainability: Ingredients should always be sustainably and renewably sourced.
  3. Transparency: Ingredients should always have transparent supply chains and complete supporting documentation.
  4. Safety: Ingredients should always have full supporting safety documentation with the highest standards.

Continue the Clean Beauty Journey

Beauty and cosmetics product developers can embrace the future of clean with the right tools. “The Product Developer’s Guide to the Clean Beauty Renaissance” provides an in-depth guide for defining clean beauty, hero ingredients, and complete supply chain transparency as formulators. Each of these clear guidelines will inspire and frame successful product launches that resonate with consumers’ demands. Successful clean beauty product launches start with effective, sustainable ingredients.


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