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Neossance™ Hemisqualane is 100% naturally derived according to ISO standard 16128 and is sustainably sourced and manufactured. Read the new consumer and expert panel studies, which demonstrate equivalent performance between antiperspirants with Hemisqualane and D5. 80 percent of participants in a consumer study said they would switch to an antiperspirant with Hemisqualane if they knew their regular antiperspirant contained silicones. Hemisqualane is always available at a consistent and more competitive price than other natural alternatives to D5.

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Hemisqualane offers complete benefits and features:

  • Equivalent sensory preferences in immediate and short-term afterfeel compared to antiperspirant sticks with D5

  • Hemisqualane antiperspirant sticks are less whitening than D5 

  • Hemisqualane antiperspirant sticks demonstrated equivalent after feel attributes compared to D5 such as gloss-skin, wetness, amount of residue, slipperiness and residue thickness 

  • Consumers confirm Hemisqualane sticks dry as quickly or more quickly than sticks with D5 

  • Derived from sustainable sugarcane

  • 100% natural under ISO16128

  • Non-palm based

Consumers and Experts Perceive Equivalence to D5 and Preference over Silicone Formulations

An expert panel evaluation of 12 panelists compared antiperspirant formulations with Hemisqualane and D5 and perceived equivalence in immediate after-feel and 15 minutes after-feel. A consumer study of 60 individuals confirmed sensory equivalence. 

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