Brands Should Select Ingredients to Harmonize with Consumers’ Individual Hair Journeys

The beauty industry has historically lacked diversity — from inadequate shades of foundation to hair products mainly catered to type 1 and type 2 hair. Successful brands can address this by identifying fast-growth trends that address top needs of BIPOC consumers and designing products using ingredients that address these concerns. Here’s what every Director of NPD and marketing needs to know about “Cloud Hair” and how to launch exciting, inclusive applications with hero ingredients.

According to Allure, cloud hair is a natural style, where edges are not intricately laid down, curls are not defined, and maintenance is streamlined. It is the textured hair version of a messy bun. Not only is it easier to style, but it also defies Eurocentric standards of beauty in favor of a gorgeous, soft, and resilient puff. It represents a freedom to fully embrace one’s appearance without relying on a heavy hand of products. The minimalistic ethos of cloud hair relies on long-lasting and effective moisturization, elasticity boosts, and damage reduction from once-every-few-days conditioners, leave-ins, and hair masks instead of daily nourishment and treatments. Neossance™ Hemisqualane can offer that damage protection, elasticity, moisturization, and frizz reduction to sustain multi-day cloud hair styles with nourished curls using minimal products.

Inclusive Haircare Meets Consumer Demands

The haircare needs for wavy, curly, kinky, and coily hair are unmet in the current market. Thirty-two percent of U.K. adults agree that there are not enough mainstream haircare brands for people with textured hair. Consumers recognize that one size does not fit all for hair — brands must be able to offer an entire range of products to enable customization. This applies for not only the hair type but also the hair length, treated hair, and scalp concerns.

For many Black Americans, hair appearance is an important reflection of their own self-identity. In the U.S., 70 percent of Black adults say their hair is most important in creating their overall look. Nielsen reported that of the $63.5M spend on Ethnic Hair and Beauty Aids in 2017, Black consumers accounted for 85 percent of that at $54.4M. Consumers want — and need — products that cater to their hair type, offer hydration and moisturization, and perform beyond the current offerings. A solid streamlined haircare regimen empowers consumers to embrace their cloud hair looks, knowing that their hair has the necessary nutrients without the need to apply products daily.

Leverage the Powerful Versatility of Sustainable Neossance Hemisqualane

Multi-benefit, easy-to-use ingredients give brands flexibility to address any concern in any application. Neossance Hemisqualane displays the ultimate case study on how to define a naturally derived, hero superstar to help all hair types. Neossance Hemisqualane can offer deep conditioning and hair elasticity benefits without weighing down hair or creating brittle hair over time, as many consumers view silicone fluids. This allows long-lasting moisturization to support healthy, bouncy cloud hair without constant care.

Sustainable Neossance Hemisqualane performs equivalently or better than traditional ingredients:

  • Equivalent damage reduction and hair elasticity benefits as keratin-based treatments
  • Same excellent benefits as silicone fluids like dimethicone and amodimethicone: hair frizz reduction, color retention, and combing ease
  • Equivalent thermal protection as polyquaternium-55

Empower Consumers with Neossance Hemisqualane

Brands have a duty to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in the beauty industry. Each product a brand offers has the potential to steer the industry towards either positive change or stagnation. Start the revolution by offering efficacious haircare solutions for all hair types using sustainable, sugarcane-derived Neossance Hemisqualane.


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