• CleanScreen Z60SF: safer, non-whitening broad-UV protection without petrochemicals or silicones
  • How CleanScreen Z60SF creates low white cast sunscreens with fully zinc oxide formula
  • Technical details on CleanScreen
  • Technical details on CleanScreen

Safer non-whitening broad-UV protection without petrochemicals or silicones.

CleanScreen™ Z60SF (INCI: Zinc Oxide (and) Squalane (and) Lecithin (and) Silica) addresses growing consumer concerns about sunscreen safety and sustainability without compromising performance or sensory properties. It provides non-whitening, mineral-based broad-UV protection that doesn’t enter the bloodstream.

Transforming the Beauty Industry

Experts agree sun protection is the most important step in any beauty routine. It protects from aging, dark spots, skin cancer, and more. However, consumers have concerns about the safety, environmental impact, and efficacy of UV filters currently on the market.

Historically, mineral-based UV filters have been more challenging to formulate with, leaving a characteristically chalky white cast. The non-nano zinc oxide UV dispersion, CleanScreen Z60SF, uses bio-fermented NeossanceSqualane to create a uniform, sheer film of sustainable sun protection. With CleanScreen™ Z60SF, silicone-free SPF products are now thriving across a variety of clean beauty categories:

  • Skincare: Non-nano zinc oxide gives UVA and UVB protection for a high-performance sunscreen.
  • Color Cosmetics: Anti-aging benefits integrated into any color application from pressed powders to liquid foundations.
CleanScreen Z60SF is high efficacy with high visible light transmission

The Aprinnova Advantage

The patented technology behind our bio-fermentation manufacturing process ensures we maximize our efficiency while minimizing our waste. It’s how we make our clinically proven, high-performance ingredients without compromising the environment.

Go Net-Positive for the Planet:

  • Our rapidly renewing sugarcane feedstock grows irrigation-free in coastal Brazil
  • Any bio-fermentation waste product is thoughtfully repurposed:
    • 60% of the water is recycled
    • Spent yeast are applied as fertilizer
    • Bagasse (sugarcane pulp) creates steam power for bio-fermentation and the local power grid.

Sugarcane bio-fermentation creates an impressively sustainable solution for traditional dispersants in sunscreen. Instead of the energy-intensive process of silicon dioxide (SiO2) conversion for silicone or harsh, water-intensive squalane harvesting from olive, we’ve designed a bio-fermentation process to make Neossance Squalane from renewable sugarcane. Bonsucro, a World Wildlife Fund-founded NGO, certifies fair treatment and wages for all along our sugarcane supply chain.

Aprinnova: the trusted sustainable beauty ingredient manufacturer

Standards and Certifications

Aprinnova's clean beauty ingredients are vegan
Aprinnova's clean beauty ingredients are Kosher
Aprinnova's ingredients are made from sustainable, renewable, and Bonsucro-certified sugarcane
ISO 16128 naturally derived beauty ingredients
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