Full Protection. Safe and Sustainable. Easy Formulation.

CleanScreen™ Mineral Sunscreen Dispersions allow formulators to create non-whitening, anti-aging skincare products and color cosmetics that meet the highest standards of clean beauty. CleanScreen™ dispersions efficiently distribute UV filters using natural and sustainable carrier systems built around Neossance™ Squalane or Hemisqualane. These carrier systems increase sun protection while reducing whitening to create finished products with exceptional sensory and aesthetic benefits.


CleanScreen Z60SF is expertly designed to be the global standard for clean SPF protection. This powerful, non-nano, zinc oxide UV dispersion featuring Neossance Squalane provides silky smooth broad-spectrum protection without petrochemically derived ingredients or silicones. Easily upgrade any product with anti-aging, non-whitening sun protection that meets consumers’ clean beauty criteria.

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  • Anti-aging benefits

  • UVB and UVA protection

  • Non-whitening

  • Non-nano

  • Petrochemical-free

  • Silicone-free

  • Reef-safe

  • Easy to pour

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UV Transmission Spectrum of CleanScreen™ UV Range

Graph showing UV dispersions

Protect and Delight Consumers in Every Skincare and Color Cosmetics Launch

CleanScreen Z60SF is the hero UV filter consumers have been waiting as a foolproof way to achieve younger-looking, healthy skin. As chemical sunscreens await further FDA review and face safety concerns based on recent studies and traditional zinc oxide dispersions still pose formulation challenges like white cast, CleanScreen Z60SF offers the go-to solution for full sun protection without compromising safety, performance, or sustainability.

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An Extended Range to Suit Every Need

Additional CleanScreen dispersions contain Neossance Hemisqualane, which has proven performance for even coverage in color cosmetics comparable to cyclomethicone. In suncare, Neossance Hemisqualane evenly distributes UV filters to reduce gaps in protection and minimize whitening. CleanScreen blocks wavelengths from 280–400 nm for substantial UVA and UVB protection but still permits visible light transmission.

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Dispersion Mineral Filter Solids Content (% w/w) Approx. UV Filter Content Particle Size
CleanScreen Z80 ZnO 80 74 105
CleanScreen Z80NANO ZnO Nano 80 74 30
CleanScreen T65 TiO2 65 52 30

The Neossance Squalane and Hemisqualane-based carrier systems are derived from renewable Brazilian sugarcane sources, certified by Bonsucro. Waste streams contribute to the circular economy by generating energy and fertilizer.