Clean Skincare Inspired by You

Bio-Fermentation Inspired by Mother Nature

Transform the Beauty Industry with This Bio-Fermentation Sampling Box

Our high-performance, bio-fermented ingredients put your customers first, preserves the environment, and champions ethical sourcing. We’ve mastered the art of bio-fermentation to inspire the best in biocompatible beauty.

High performance — no compromise.

What’s Inside

We’ve curated this box to represent an entire skincare routine: from cleanse to finish.

  • Step 1: Bi-Phase Makeup Remover
  • Step 2: CBG Calming Oil
  • Step 3: Anti-Aging Face Cream
  • Step 4: Everyday SPF 40
  • Step 5: Bi-Phase Foundation

Throughout the routine, you will find bio-fermented ingredients elevating the skincare benefits and sensorial experience. We’re looking forward to you enjoying each prototype!

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