Neossance™ Squalane

The world’s best-performing Squalane, derived from sustainable sugarcane.

Neossance Squalane (INCI: Squalane) is a more stable form of our bodies’ natural moisturizer, squalene, providing superior hydration and anti-aging benefits compared to other emollients. It’s better for our planet than traditional Squalane extracted from shark liver or impure, inconsistent olive oil Squalane.

Transforming the Beauty Industry

Neossance Squalane has reinvigorated the beauty industry. Not only does it provide superior hydration, but it also works with the human body to improve skin barrier health. As a carrier oil, Neossance Squalane helps enhance the performance of actives in skincare products and infuses anti-aging skincare into makeup applications. All these benefits make Neossance Squalane the versatile, multi-functional ingredient of choice.

Beyond color cosmetics and skincare, Neossance Squalane creates new avenues for elevated body care, safe baby care, luscious lip care, eco-conscious sun care, and more.

The Aprinnova Advantage

The patented technology behind our bio-fermentation manufacturing process ensures each drop of sugar is used as effectively as possible. It’s how we make our clinically proven, high-performance ingredients without compromising the environment — and how we’ve become one of the leading sustainable beauty ingredient manufacturers.

Go Net-Positive for the Planet:

  • Sugarcane-derived Squalane uses 585X less land than olive-derived Squalane.
  • Bio-fermentation uses 52X less water than olive-derived Squalane.
  • Any bio-fermentation waste product is thoughtfully repurposed:
    • 60% of the water is recycled
    • Spent yeast are applied as fertilizer
    • Bagasse (sugarcane pulp) creates steam power for bio-fermentation and the local power grid.

Sugarcane bio-fermentation creates an impressively sustainable solution for traditional ingredients like olive-derived Squalane. As the only sugarcane Squalane supplier, we replace the demand for shark-derived Squalane equating to millions of sharks yearly. Bonsucro, a World Wildlife Fund-founded NGO, certifies fair treatment and wages for all along our sugarcane supply chain.

Aprinnova: the trusted sustainable beauty ingredient manufacturer

Standards and Certifications

Bonsucro certification