The Beauty
Renaissance Series

Ethical and Sustainable Supply Chains, Microbiome-friendly Innovations, and Sustainable Suncare

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Episode 1: Ethical and Sustainable Supply Chains: Bonsucro Certification Spotlight
Episode 2: Microbiome-Friendly Innovations
Episode 3: Clean SPF Protection

Episode 1 (20 min): Ethical and Sustainable Supply Chains: Bonsucro Certification Spotlight

Learn how Bonsucro certification is promoting ethical and sustainable sugarcane production globally. Discover how your brand benefits with Neossance ingredients like Squalane or Hemisqualane, derived from Bonsucro-certified sugarcane.

Rafael Seixas

Special Guest: Rafael Seixas, Bonsucro Member Manager

Rafael has been working since 2012 with Bonsucro and is responsible for ensuring value to members,  developing the membership engagement strategy and demonstrating impacts to stakeholders that drive uptake and commitment.

Episode 2 (20 min): Microbiome-Friendly Innovations

Learn about the latest microbiome product development trends and new ideas for launches. We’ll also walk you through why Neossance Squalane is microbiome-friendly, how to position products around this trend, and how to boost the profile of your current or future products using Neossance Squalane.

Episode 3 (20 min): Clean SPF Protection

Learn about the FDA’s regulatory status on SPFs, formulation insights for developing non-whitening, high-performance suncare products, and criteria for selecting clean suncare ingredients.

Special Guest: Dr. Harry Sarkas, Chief Scientific Officer, Solesence

Harry has over 25 years of direct experience in material synthesis, production, characterization, and product development. He is an inventor or co-inventor on eighteen US and foreign patents —including Solescence’s Active Stress Defense technology — and has authored over 40 technical publications.

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What Is the Beauty Renaissance?

Consumers are longing to re-enter the world of the next decade as confident and inclusive individuals who are also part of a movement promoting sustainability. This next generation “humanism” is driving a new beauty renaissance. Successful brands will be able to effectively reach this enlightened consumer with claims that align with their values. This includes ethical and sustainable supply chains, science-backed claims like “microbiome-friendly,” and sustainable, high performance ingredients. Aprinnova is committed to making this bright future available to all.