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Renaissance Series

Ethical and Sustainable Supply Chains, Microbiome-Friendly Innovations, and Circular Suncare

Episode 1: Ethical and Sustainable Supply Chains with Bonsucro Certification

Learn how Bonsucro certification promotes ethical, sustainable sugarcane production and how your brand benefits from formulating with Neossance™ ingredients like Squalane and Hemisqualane, derived from Bonsucro-certified sugarcane. Featuring special guest Rafael Seixas, Bonsucro Membership Manager.

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Episode 2: Microbiome-Friendly Innovations

Learn about the latest microbiome product development trends and new ideas for launches. We’ll also walk you through why Neossance Squalane is microbiome-friendly, how to position products around this trend, and how to boost the profile of your current or future products using Neossance Squalane.

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Episode 3: Clean SPF Protection

In this discussion with Dr. Harry Sarkas (Chief Scientific Officer at Solescence), you’ll learn about the latest FDA regulatory outlook, formulation insights for developing non-whitening, high performance suncare products, and criteria for selecting clean suncare ingredients.

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Consumers value new product launches that use high performance, sustainable, safe, and transparently sourced ingredients. We believe expert knowledge empowers us all to build a healthier and safer world. The Future of Clean is Aprinnova’s ongoing effort to help every brand go clean from start to finish.