Today’s Parents Opt for the Best Products Only after Extensive Research

Parents have always sought out the best options to provide for their children. In today’s world, parents have limitless information courtesy of the internet. With this increased connectivity, parents know more and expect more from brands. Claims can be easily fact-checked with a quick Google search: clean or cleaner alternatives to products can be instantaneously found. 78 percent of millennial moms in the U.S. used their phones to research products. 44 percent of millennial parents only shop at brands that reflect their social or political values. Winning over parents requires aligning your brand with their concerns for safety and sustainability.

“Free From” Dominates the World of Baby Products

In the past four years, new product development of baby products in North America has been dominated by claims such as “paraben-free,” “hypoallergenic,” and “no additives.” “Ethical and environmentally friendly product” claims for new baby product launches is a growing trend with claims expanding from 16.19 percent in 2016 to 22.85 percent in 2019 (Mintel GNPD). Brands are responding to parents’ concerns for safe, eco-conscious products for their babies that address valid concerns unique to babies’ skin. The stratum corneum of infants appears fully intact within a month of birth, but it does not store water and moisture to the same degree as an adult’s skin until one year of age. This immature skin barrier poses potential risks for infection and absorption of unfit ingredients due to the higher permeability.

Formulating for baby-specific skincare should align to safety standards that consumers recognize and are comfortable with. The standards to keep in mind are restricted ingredient lists and IFRA guidelines for essential oils, as well as databases such as EWG’s Skin Deep. The ingredients chosen should reinforce the skin’s protective barrier, prevent pathogenic bacterial growth, and mimic the vernix coating as closely as possible.

The vernix is the complex of lipids that coats newborn humans. It is comprised of many saturated branched chain fatty acids and squalene. While the vernix is highly nutritious for the newborn’s skin, it is typically washed off soon after birth, precluding any moisturization benefits for the baby’s skin from squalene. Squalane functions very similarly to squalene on the skin in terms of moisturization ability. Because of this, Neossance™ Squalane offers a clean alternative for restoring infants’ and babies’ skin.

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Neossance Squalane also offers the assurances parents look for most. According to Mintel, 59 percent of parents in the U.S. agree that “safe for sensitive skin or allergies” claims are the most important when buying baby personal care products. Neossance Squalane is non-comedogenic and certified microbiome-friendly. It can support healthy and nourished skin by supporting microbiome diversity and stability. Formulations with Neossance Squalane answer the growing consumer concerns and requests for clean, “free from” products. This is why Pipette, for example, launched their line of baby care products featuring Squalane.

Many parents are interested in baby care products that will moisturize without harming their baby or the environment. The product formats parents are looking for has shifted in recent years as well. Specifically, balms, creams, and oils are on the rise in terms of popularity, while powders, sprays, and milks are falling behind (Mintel GNPD). Neossance Squalane is a go-to emollient in these applications. For more information on how to get started formulating with Squalane, visit our Knowledge Base, where you can find formulations for all of the aforementioned product categories.

Your Customers Trust Clean Ingredients — Trust Neossance Squalane

Aligning your brand with clean beauty and eco trends will fill a specific need that parents are looking for — safe products for their babies. With complete transparency about ingredient sourcing and sustainability efforts, your brand will be able to ameliorate parents’ concerns about the safety of their babies. Neossance Squalane offers the sustainability of Bonsucro-certified sugarcane combined with clinically proven results.


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