The Clean Economy is here and the beauty and personal care industry can lead the way.  Men and women across the globe are taking note of their beauty products, demanding safe ingredient lists, transparency about where their cosmetics come from, and confidence in the products that will enhance their natural beauty in a sustainable way.

#TheFutureOfClean is a movement to define a comprehensive view of “clean” reflecting these values and to promote strategies and technology that help brands meet this demand to reach billions across the globe. It brings together formulators, marketers, R&D experts, media, influencers and customers to support a sustainable and brighter future. Aprinnova is leading the way by publishing clean beauty market trends and formulation resources, hosting industry events, and forging partnerships. On April 1 at In-Cosmetics we kicked off the Future of Clean in Paris with over 200 industry experts.


Products that are free-from certain ingredients may not be sustainable. Natural ingredients may not be safe. Sustainable ingredients may not be effective.  Only if products consider all these principles can we meet what consumers and brands deserve: truly “clean” products. We know this isn’t easy.  But as a rising global middle class demands better personal care amidst the need to address climate change, we must embrace this opportunity to make a real step change. By engaging with diverse voices from both industry and consumer perspectives, we can forward these ideals, support dialog, identify challenges and strive toward new technologies and solutions to achieve a global standard for clean.

Our Clean Beauty Principles

We believe clean products start with clean ingredients. These criteria, outlined below, are a framework to help brands launch genuinely clean products across any category.


Ingredients should always be effective, results-driven, beneficial, and of the highest purity


Ingredients should always be sustainably and renewably sourced


Ingredients should always have transparent supply chains and full supporting documentation


Ingredients should always contribute toward achieving high safety standards like EWG verification for final products

We want to shift the idea that “Clean Beauty” is just a trend. We believe Clean should define Beauty as a whole. So we say Clean is Beauty, and Beauty is all of our core clean principes.

Clean is Beauty: Beauty is Performance
Clean is Beauty: Beauty is Sustainability
Clean is Beauty: Beauty is Transparency
Clean is Beauty: Beauty is Safety


Aprinnova is the leading manufacturer of high performance, natural and sustainable emollients and silicone replacements derived from sugarcane. Our Neossance™ brand Squalane and Hemisqualane ingredients are used by the fastest growing skin care brands in the world. We leverage cutting edge biotechnology manufacturing capability and 70 years of cosmetic industry expertise to deliver a new standard that makes sustainability a competitive advantage. We are just one way brand can “Go Clean”‘ and we hope to work across the industry to support beauty that’s good for the consumer and the planet.


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