To help you stay on top of clean beauty trends, we’ve compiled some articles you can bookmark for your commute or coffee break.

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Keep Up With The 2019 Outlook

Trying to look back at every milestone article of 2018 is an insurmountable task, especially when you hit the ground running after the holiday season. Many of us dive into short term tasks in January like slimming down hundreds of catch-up emails without having the time to take stock of strategic insights. To help you stay on top of clean beauty trends you can actually use for successful product development, we’ve compiled some of the top articles you can bookmark for your commute or coffee break. 

How to Deal With the Natural Debate 

Natural is all the rage, but what how do we reconcile consumer perception, sound science, and industry marketing? Georgina Caldwell in Global Cosmetic News reviews how to respond to the mega-trend of clean beauty, consumer fear of chemicals vs. the chemistry of naturals, major multinational entry into the “natural” market, and the paradox of environmentally-friendly food habits vs. cosmetic ingredients.  

Our Take: 

Indeed, a new definition of “Clean Beauty” needs to evolve to include not only “free-from” such as Clean at Sephora but also the sustainable, transparent, and effectiveness profile of ingredients. Look to fast-growing brands like Biossance as the model for immediate and long-term success. The right set of these complete “clean” ingredients is the most important strategy for scalable new product development.  

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The Next Phase in Going Clean and How to Stay on Top of Consumer Trends in 2019 

We’re not surprised that the top trend in 2019 is “Clean.” This CB report outlines how claims to meet consumer demand, exemplified by Clean at Sephora will go beyond simply “free-from” claims. See what leaders of fast-growth brands and industry experts have to say about reaching consumers, and check out the priority data points validating consumer demand for clean. Other trends in the report include how successful branding responds to millennial desires for taboo-busting, wild botanical harvesting, consumer demand for community, and waterless cosmetics.   

Our Take: 

Effectiveness is the most important driver of brand loyalty. Ingredient solutions that offer a complete strategy (sustainable, effective, transparent, economically accessible, unlimited supply, and consistently available) should be the base for any global ingredient strategy. What could be better than a community of clean consumers loving their skin, seeing themselves as environmental advocates, and coming back for more? If you notice the mention of “clean-clinical” we couldn’t agree more. You can learn more about why Squalane is the best ingredient to deliver these “clean-clinical” products. 

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Why Keeping Your Phone Charged is More Important Than Ever This In-Cosmetics Global  

The rise of digitization, including at cosmetic events, of course means the ability to hyper target audiences. C&T gives a snapshot identifying that consumer targeting is more robust than ever. Expect to be targeted yourself too. As in previous years, the opportunities to learn are many, especially for Indie brands that, for the first time, will have an entire Trail Guide. Plan to visit the plethora of sections such as the Sustainability corner and log leads with smart readers.  

Our Take: 

We’ve written about AI in Cosmetics and this C&T round up supports the core trends towards seamless transparency. Formulators are already moving in this direction as they seek complete ingredients for skin care or to address the pending D5 ban and respond to silicone-free trends 

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Want to Make Sure Your Products Are Ranked as “Clean” by the Next Viral Beauty App? 

It’s clear that in 2019, whether you’re formulating for skincare, color cosmetics, sun care, hair care, or body care, #going clean is more accessible and in demand than ever. We hope these three resource offer the guidance and inspiration going into this milestone year.  

If you’d like more easy-to-read roundups or have suggestions for useful clean beauty articles to inform product development, we’d love to hear from you.  

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