Our Silicon Valley scientists combine cutting-edge bio-fermentation with cosmetics expertise to produce clean, sustainable, and effective replacements for ingredients traditionally derived from vulnerable species and petrochemicals.

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From Ethically Sourced Sugarcane to Planet-Positive Beauty

Our Bonsucro-certified sugarcane is transformed into sustainable beauty ingredients through bio-fermentation


Neossance™ Squalane

The Planet-Positive Emollient

Neossance Squalane is a more stable form of our bodies’ natural moisturizer, squalene, providing superior hydration and anti-aging benefits compared to other emollients. Plus, it’s better for our planet than traditional Squalane derived from shark liver or impure, inconsistent olive oil.

Neossance™ Hemisqualane

The Natural Silicone Alternative

Neossance Hemisqualane is the answer to growing consumer concerns around silicones. Unlike dimethicone, Hemisqualane penetrates the hair shaft for maximum nourishment and protection. In makeup, skincare, and antiperspirants, it offers exceptional sensory and functional performance.

How Bio-Fermentation Is Transforming the Beauty Industry

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  • Planet-positive

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