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Access Luxury. Drive Customer Loyalty​.

The Emollient

Neossance Squalane

Meet the Squalane that stabilized markets and lets you access the premier luxury moisturizer customers prefer. Perfect neat or in creams, lotions, and dispersions.

The Silicone Alternative

Neossance™ Hemisqualane

Formulate elegant textures, mitigate organic filters, and ensure smooth and even applications with the top cyclomethicone alternative featuring a sensational sensorial profile.


The Highest Standard for Cosmetic Ingredients Consumers Demand

Our Neossance Squalane and Hemisqualane Ingredients Deliver
  • Exceptional sensorial profile

  • Stable supply

  • Secure price

  • High purity

  • Naturally-derived & sustainable claims

We Help You Succeed With Clean

Consumers reward new product launches that use high performance, sustainable, safe and transparently sourced ingredients. We believe sharing expert knowledge and opinion empowers us all to build a healthier and safer world. The Future of Clean is Aprinnova’s ongoing effort to help every brand “go clean” from start to finish. Our conversations and resources provide expertise on clean CBD, clean supply chains, consumer trends, and more. Learn more about our latest sustainability events and cosmetic innovations.

Convert to the Science of Sugarcane Squalane.

We use Brazilian sugarcane to create the purest, high quality, effective emollients and silicone alternatives on the planet.

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