what is neossance® ?

Neossance®: Renewable Cosmetic Innovations

Neossance® is Aprinnova’s brand of innovative cosmetic ingredients

Aprinnova’s patented technology converts renewable sugarcane into high quality cosmetic ingredients, ensuring reliable supply, stable price and consistent composition.

Who is Aprinnova?

Who is aprinnova?

Aprinnova: Providing renewable solutions for responsible brands

Aprinnova, LLC. is a joint venture created between Amyris and NIKKOL GROUP to work together to expand their impact around the globe. NIKKOL has been Amyris’s leading business partner since the inception of sugarcane derived squalane as it fit their core strategy of “Green, Clean, Sustainable + Economy”.

Amyris was founded in 2003 by a group of scientists from the University of California, Berkeley and uses breakthrough science and an innovative business model to address global sustainability challenges. Amyris uses yeast to develop and manufacture high performing, cost competitive and sustainable alternatives to chemical and petroleum-based products. From its original technology for anti-malarial treatments, to its recently-introduced renewable jet fuel, to sustainable alternatives for the cosmetics and personal care industry, Amyris is setting new standards for a more sustainable world.

Together we unite to make a larger impact for our customers and partners by providing renewable solutions across the globe.

Find more information about Amyris at www.amyris.com and NIKKOL at www.nikkol.co.jp/en/.

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NIKKOL GROUP is a specialty chemical company known as one of the world’s leaders in the cosmetic ingredient industry. NIKKOL GROUP includes seven core companies for sales, R&D, manufacturing, safety and efficacy evaluation based on colloid chemical and skin science in Japan and overseas. With 70 years’ experience and the concept of “One-Stop Services”, NIKKOL GROUP has been supporting its customers through variety of NIKKOL brand products, innovative formulation, tailor-made consultation, and rigorous safety and efficacy evaluation.

Neossance® cosmetic ingredients






Neossance® is revolutionizing the cosmetics industry by providing sustainable, plant sugar-derived emollients with superior performance

Neossance® Squalane is Aprinnova’s leading cosmetic ingredient, which is showing significant success and is currently formulated into over 450 cosmetic brands. It is one of the highest quality emollients on the market and is a non-polar, fully saturated hydrocarbon which is naturally present in the skin.

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Neossance® Squalane

Amyris recently introduced a new innovative emollient Neossance® Hemisqualane that builds on the successful value proposition established by the Neossance® brand.

Hemisqualane is Aprinnova’s latest answer to the growing demand for products that are derived from sustainable sources. It is a breakthrough emollient with high spreadability and a great sensorial profile. It is a non-polar hydrocarbon and a perfect alternative for petroleum-based paraffins and fluid silicone ingredients.

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Neossance® Hemisqualane


Aprinnova is currently selling Neossance® Squalane and Neossance® Hemisqualane through a network of distributors all over the world.

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